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You did all that from the kitchen? Impressive!

:D Just kidding, I support your cause. Animation wise, I guess it's a bit to mellow for the topic of abuse. I've never been an abused woman, but I figure it's a kind of helpless, claustrophobic, and blurry situation and I would probably have tried to capture that mood more.

Elf7722 responds:

Thanks for the review, I actually found it usefull haha, and no I did not do that from the kitchen since I'm a man :P


I am in awe. I'm just not sure what I'm in awe of here... ^^

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This game is glorious and I would like to congratulate the author on being a really awesome person!

I would totally buy this on my DS for retail price. It turned out very awesome.

That said, of course, I discovered a bit of room for improvement. Some of the power ups, like the death ray and the charge shot, give you much more vulnerability than power, so they become an obstacle instead of something you TRY to pick up. Even with the bullet visibility mode turned on, and I don't exactly know what that changed, it's still a bit of a hot mess. Of course, there's a lot going on, but I feel a large part of the problem is the background being really really interesting.

Anyhow, awesome game.

A bit faster would fit my personal taste more, but I like everything. The style, the puzzles, the concept. Awesome game, bro.

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Your cartoon style is very save and sound, but this picture almost broke my brain trying to understand the shapes. In case you were like "I wonder if this works..." No, it doesn't really ^^

spaghetti016 responds:

Eh, I've never wondered if it works. It does work. People who have played the game understand the shapes. It is the VERY silhouette of Guybrush Threepwood. Go back. Play the game. Consider revising what you've said.

So it has been HIM the entire time. I knew it.

Impressive depth :O

I'm in ur newgrounds watching you watch.

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