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So simple, so precious.

Why do those ideas never enter MY head? Anyway, I do not feel the lack of content here. It's cool for what it is.

itsjms responds:

thanks for the review.!

Could be prettier!

It's super-yaness-simple-yet-awesome! Could be a bit prettier and the shields for the catapults could work, but it's really fun.

Level 9 :>

It's quite allright.

They say your first 10 games are bound to suck and that is in a way always true. This is not bad for a first timer quick project and there's worse in the Wiggi collection. :)

this line is unrelated to the below review!!11

The Crates, the ladders, the double jump grab onto ledge thing - I don't know if you made that up from scratch or took it from another prject or whatever, but it's pretty well executed. The game is just lacking some visual spice to really make all that shine. Not even grand stuff, just a bush here, a hill far away there, some pipes ... just kidding but you get the point. Also, I might not have played far enough but some "stepping on that is bad"-elements would have been really great.

Another suggestion would be exchanging the numbers with painfully obivous semi-educational words and phrases. Or trading cards.

MusicIsBliss responds:

well, the entire game was made from scratch from when I heard about the wiggi world contest. And there isnt any spice because there wasnt enough time, we are just terrible planners when it comes to timed projects. And I wouldnt mind knowing what evactly you mean by words, because it could be a good idea


It's a cool idea and you realized it well enough. The only bothersome part is that the background loop (wich does blend in kind of right) together with the lack of any action-hinting soundeffects or screen elements create a pretty dull atmosphere. The only reason I didn't get bored of this was my urge to headbang the little space suit wiggi to the beat. Oh yeah, and great visuals.


This is simple yet well executed, visually as mechanically. Just 2 little things bother me. That the fire speed increases but your walkspeed stays the same, wich basically predefines the time you're about to lose a bit too much. And some little story-elements would have been lovely. Anyway it's cool.

this cant quite keep its promises

Theres some things i simply do not get. For example, if you are right handed, its very disturbing you cant move and proerly button mash simultaniously because you'd use the same hand for both. Why does the background scroll vertically if it doesnt change your height relation to the enemy at all? How frustrating is it to have gaps you only just don't fit in between enemies? Things like that. All in all, the downsides of this game look very deadline-pressure-related. But that's just an assumption.

Not all is bad though, the background, the sound, the whatever-jetpack-suit-thing and the concept and idea are things i really like.

*rip rip*

This is a lovely submission. The innocense and cuteness of this technological advanced way to waste vegetables is making this very enjoyable, the programming of what's there seems solid enough, you didn't use annoying background music, it's looks clean. The only think I could think of criticising is the gameplay, there's tons of easy ways to make this more interesting. A fire rate for example, that you have to time correctly to shoot at maximum rate, keeping your attention up a bit more. Or an indicator to tell you the veggies have now hit the target. Or the levels counting twice as fast because 30 seconds are a lot of time for a little kid to concentrate if theres not enough going on.

Anyway, this meant to be purely constructive, I like the game.

WarpZone responds:

Thanks for giving it to me straight, bukKkk. :) As you know, this game is designed for 5-12 year olds. Fire rate timing's an interesting idea, but a little too unique. I decided to err on the side of approachability. I agree that I should have had a sound effect or something for each veggie getting eaten... maybe even an eating animation, but unfortunately the deadline ran out and there just wasn't time. Twice as many levels might be nice... until you realize there'd be 5 levels with a new enemy in each, and then 15 levels of mixed random enemies.

I like the way you're thinking, though. Thanks for the feedback. :) It's extremely gratifying to hear that you liked it anyway. I know I can't please everybody. But so far, it sounds like most people are basically enjoying it for a bit and then putting it down... and that's awesome. :)

I almost had a laugh

I think a funny spoof is always appreciated, sorrily, you dont wanna make a funny spoof to amuse people but troll around because you ate too much tapir balls this morning. Things like ripping off thumbnails or flagging this as kid friendly suck. I hope one day you get anally violated by a large smelly homless guy on steroids because the first thing about sex he learned was a pron scene of a rediculously oversized dick chocking an asian chick to faint surrounded by a couple of anal sex banners.

kenny responds:

I hope I do too :)

What they said

Trying to make fun about something is a good thing, specially on newgrounds, but unless youre 4 years old, swearing words alone make no joke. Very self-embarassing submission here, please don't do that again.

Woods-house responds:

well you see, this flash actually has the true game on it, but it tests you to see if your worthy enough at heart to play it. JK i know it sux srry.

I'm in ur newgrounds watching you watch.

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